The Best HEPA Vacuum You’ve Never Head Of: Ovente


Many may not have heard of the Ovente HEPA vacuum, but this multi-functional, superb, powerful and compact product that has already invaded the market. And to those who have brought this into their homes, they have these descriptions of how they find the product. What makes the best hepa vacuum tick are its features.


  1. A 1400 watt output power provides powerful suction abilities but with its energy saving speed controls, you do not have to worry so much of the electricity consumption. It has energy saving speed controls to cater to your vacuuming needs.
  2. It has integrated accessories that allow cleaning of various floor types including in-depth areas.
  3. It has a 24 foot power cord that with rewind feature giving flexibility of cleaning distance while its weight is a mere 13.20 pounds. Also, it has a transparent bin that allows user to monitor the volume of dust and particles collected.With that you can easily take and throw the dust outside.
  4. Its size is only 15.7 x 11.4 x 13.4 inches making it convenient to move around and store too.
  5. It has a centrifugal force with maximum air flow for superior performance.
  6. It has an off and on step buttons. So you do not have to bend to do switching, just simply step on the switch with your foot.
  7. Most of all it has this HEPA filter that is capable of catching microbes and the smallest particles.
  8. It also has the accessories to do other jobs like the pet brush, telescopic wand, and the cord eases the maneuverability.It can even clean sofas too.
  9. Speed control allows users to use the minimum power and only if they need forceful extraction will they need higher power.
  10. This is a bag-less type that eliminates the use of garbage bags.

Final Thought

This vacuum cleaner has more features and flexibility than other brands and though this is not as popular as the other brands, once you will purchase them, you will surely be starting to introduce this in your area and be the first to brag about its efficacy.

Why Men Lose Testosterone As They Grow Older

Hormones in Our Bodies
Hormones enable the sending of chemical messages throughout our body and it acts a pivotal role on one’s body. It primarily handles all the changes that could be happening on someone including the emotional state or the mood of someone. Also, it is an important part that our body must have as we grow.

An example of a hormone that is common in our bodies is testosterone. It is commonly associated with men, but women could still have small amounts of it in their bodies.  Testosterone is essential in our bodies as they aid in a male’s development and maturity. It has an effect on one’s development with regards to bones and muscles. It is also the reason for some changes to one’s body as he matures. Deepening of voice, facial, armpit and pubic hairs in our bodies and even one’s sex drive. It also controls the production of sperm thus lower testosterone level might have an impact on our body.

Testosterone as We Age
Did you know that our testosterone level is affected as we age as it slowly decreases as we reach old age? Below listed are signs and symptoms that one could have if one has lower testosterone level.

  • There could be a problem of having erectile dysfunction.
  • One may experience hair loss.
  • One’s body might be prone to bone fractures.
  • There is also a possibility of a decrease in testicle size.
  • Sperm production could be affected and also, one may have a lower sex drive.
  • There could be difficulty in sleeping.
  • One may feel exhausted already even if one does minimal movements.

With all the signs and symptoms that one might have, there is still a possibility of increasing one’s testosterone level by simply using testosterone booster supplements like testogen. You may try researching about it on the web and buy one on the market.